Surefire 6PX Defender Review 2019

Surefire 6PX Defender Review 2019

Surefire 6PX DefenderAre you looking for a quality and strongly created flashlight that can brighten the entire room or go far into the darkness? If the answer to the above is yes, then the Surefire 6PX Defender is a product that you should know. The Surefire 6PX Defender is a black colored flashlight available in an impressive design. It can be used at home, in the workplace, or for camping or traveling purposes. With a well sculpted smooth body that offers secure grip, it can be hold with wet hand or used during the rain. It is available in two specifications: the Surefire 6PX Defender and the Surefire 6PX Tactical. Here, we will be looking at the Surefire 6PX Defender. Read on to know more about the features of this product.

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Surefire 6PX Defender Features and Specification

The Surefire 6PX Defender is made to last for years thanks to the premium aerospace grade aluminum used in sculpting the body. The aluminum is further anodized with mil-specification for enhanced durability and resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Thus, even if you are out with the flashlight when it is raining, there is no need to have any fear that the product will become corroded.

The product is very easy to operate. It features a tailcoat switch which you only have to click on for the light to ooze out from the flashlight. If you want a momentary flash of light, you just press the switch once but if you want a constant supply of light, then you have to press the switch further. If you click the switch again, the light will be turned off completely.

The flashlight is able to deliver 320 lumens of light constantly for a maximum of 2 hours. It features a micro-textured reflector which you can use to widen the beam or to focus it on a particular object if that is what you want. The beam is properly shaped, it does not have any abnormalities or rings. You will be able to see things as far as 100 yards. The light emitted from this LED has a neutral color without a tint of other colors such as blue. But do not keep the product where somebody will sit on it or match it without knowing because the scalloped head is very sharp.

It uses LED light bulb which does not only deliver bright light but also highly energy efficient. It does not fail. It has many hours of lifespan.

The body made of aluminum anodized to the specification of the military is well sculpted to offer firm and comfortable grip when your hands are dry or not.

This product is a lightweight and flexible which you can see during campfire when the lights are put out or during emergence situation in your home like power outage or when you have vehicle breakdown at night. It is something that you will easily go out during the night time.

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The Surefire 6PX Defender is a nice flashlight that delivers an impressive amount of lumens. You can use it to see clearly during the night time or as a weapon of self defense as the light is strong enough to blind an attacker at night. You will get an excellent bang for your buck if you purchase this product.