Surefire G2X Pro Review

Surefire G2X Pro Review

Surefire G2X ProThe Surefire G2X Pro is an option for any person looking for a handheld flashlight that delivers an impressive 320 lumens. This black colored flashlight is strongly created to last for years. Besides, impressive functionality, the SureFire G2X Pro is a nice piece that is available in amazing external design. You will find it useful if you are doing a night hour job, or if you are going on night time adventure, camping, fishing or if you are living in a location that normally experience power outage. Surefire G2X is available in two specifications, named G2X Pro and G2X Tactical. But here, we will be looking at G2X Pro.

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SureFire G2X Pro Features and Specification

With a weight of 0.28 pounds, 1.5 inches diameter and a length of 5.2 inches, this product boasts impressive flexibility and portability. Even children can use it at home during emergence situation. The weight will not constitute any problem to them.

The body of the flashlight is well sculpted from anodized aluminum bezel which is of aerospace grade. The external construction also features nitrogen body. In order to remove the possibility of the flashlight rolling on smooth surfaces, a hexagonal section with big flat areas is included in the bezel body. The lens is made from polycarbonate and is fixed into the bezel. A nylon bezel ring is used to protect it. The materials used in creating the body have strong resistance against corrosion, abrasion and scratches. They also offer maximum, secure and comfortable grip.

The head of the product is marked D to differentiate it from the tactical specification.

The product uses a LED light bullet that always shines bright as it does not have filament to break or burn out. It offers two light outputs: 320 and 15 lumen beams. The former shines brighter and more intensely but it has a lower runtime. The latter does not shine as the former but it has an impressive runtime making it a suitable option to be used during adventures where there is no electricity. The product uses a polycarbonate micro textured reflector to widen the beam and deliver a generous peripheral light.

Different kinds of batteries can be used to power this flashlight. It can be powered with 123A primary lithium batteries which have a 90 minute runtime. LFP123 rechargeable batteries can also be used to power this product. You will be able to easily load the batteries from the tail. The batteries are protected from water with an O-ring. Springs are used to provide strong support to the batteries both at the tail and head of the product. The electrical circuit from the tailcoat is completed using an aluminum sleeve which is located inside the Nitrolon body.

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Though this product has two modes of operation only, it will meet the light needs of many people during an emergency or when they find themselves in an outdoor environment during the night hour. It is highly portable and lightweight. The product is strongly created and immune from elements of weather making it suitable for use when it is raining or snowing. If you are on a budget, this flashlight should be an option for you.