Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews 2016

Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews And Buying Guide

Rechargeable flashlights are powered with batteries that can be recharged when their current runs out. A typical example of such battery is lithium ion battery. The availability of this type of battery in a number of types can confuse many buyers especially first time buyers. If you are looking for the best rechargeable flashlight, there are a number of factors to consider which include the following:

  • the strength of the battery or its runtime
  • how you will carry the flashlight i.e. how it will fit into your life
  • the intensity and brightness of light emitted
  • brands and quality

If you take the above features into consideration, you will definitely not go wrong with your choice. To save your time, money and energy, we have carried out an in-depth research into the market and come out with best rechargeable flashlights taking into consideration consumer reviews and the points mentioned above.


Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews And Buying Guide best rechargeable flashlight Solaray
12006.2 oz5.2 in4.7
Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews And Buying Guide best rechargeable flashlight Streamlight
Streamlight 75453 Stinger
64011.2 oz8.8 in4.8
Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews And Buying Guide best rechargeable flashlight EcoGear
EcoGear FX
16007 oz8 in4.2
Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews And Buying Guide best rechargeable flashlight XtremeBright
Xtreme Bright X2500
-6.2 oz6 in3.2


Solaray Pro ZX-2SOLARAY Pro ZX-2 generates enough light that shines with ultra-brightness and impressive intensity which make it possible to dispel darkness turning the night into the day. It generates a maximum of 1,200 lumens which can also zoom in on far away objects. SOLARAY is powered by high quality SOLARAY 18650 3.7v 3000mAh li-ion batteries encircled with protected circuit board (PCB). It can also be powered with 3 AAA batteries which are not included in the package. The battery has 5 modes of operation to suit different needs. You can opt for any mode just at the click of the button. The modes are SOS, intruder strobe, low, medium and high modes. The lens can be zoomed to provide a wide cover or to target a particular distance objects. If durability is a quality that you are looking for in a flashlight, this model of SOLARAY rechargeable pocket flashlight will definitely meet your expectation. The body of the product is made with aircraft grade aluminum that is resistant against bad weather conditions. The battery can be recharged up to 500 times. The premium tail switch as well as quality lens are constructed to last for years. Versatility is another great feature of this product. You can use it for a number of activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, security patrol, walk at night, and during emergence situation at night. It is available in a compact and lightweight design. Though, it is not a pen size flashlight it can fit into your pocket, toolbox or luggage.

Streamlight 75453 Stinger

Streamlight 75453Streamlight Stinger is a pocket size rechargeable led flashlight that is powered with NiMH battery that boasts of 50,000 hours lifetime. The battery can be recharged up to 1000 times. The product can also be powered with NiCd battery if that is what you have. It boasts of solid construction with anodized aluminum for enhanced durability. The body also offers impressive comfort grip whether your hands are wet or not. This torch can be used under different weather conditions including the rain and snow because it has strong resistance against water. It is also a lightweight product weighting 1.2 pounds. It has a dimension of 8.8 x 3 x 3 inches which is small enough to fit into a number your pocket or toolbox. Streamlight 75453 offers three light modes and strobe. The modes are low mode for extended run times as it produces light with glare; the medium light mode for bright light which also offers a longer run time; high mode for high bright beam but with shorter run time; and the strobe for signaling your location. Each of the modes can be accessed via the head-mounted switch or tail cap. These switches function independently. This Streamlight torch is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

EcoGear FX

EcoGear FXSolidly created with quality aluminum alloy, EcoGearĀ  FX TK120X is meant to last for years. It has strong resistance against shock. EcoGear TK120X also has impressive visual appeal thanks to hard-anodized finish. It has a strong head which can be used as a weapon of self-defense, window breaking during emergency and fighting an attacker. This rechargeable flashlight is highly versatile as it is designed to be used for a number of situations including outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, patrolling, night work, tactical situations and others. It is a perfect companion during emergency like power outage and car breakdown in a dark place. In other words, many people including families, individuals, professionals, hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts can make use of this product. The product has 5 different light modes to suit different needs. It features special reflector design which does not only protect the LED emitter from damage but also improves light output intensity. It is powered with 2 18650 3.7v batteries which are included in the package. It delivers 985 feet (300m) lighting distance.

Xtreme Bright X2500

Xtreme Bright X2500Unlike most products on the market, Xtreme Bright X2500 has dual functions. Besides serving as flashlight, it can also be used to recharge cell phones, tablets, MP3s and other portable devices. It has a standard USB and Micro USB cables for recharging these devices. It can be used under the rain, snow and other weather conditions thanks to its ability to resist water. It is created with military-grade material which can last for years. The product offers three light modes which include 50% brightness for enhanced battery runtime, 100% brightness and strobe. For easy carriage, X2500 is equipped with a pocket clip and key chain holder. It is versatile as it can be used for a number of situations and activities including emergence situation like power outage and car breakdown at night, camping, fishing, camping, patrolling, night work and others. It is available in a compact design. With a dimension of 6 x 2 x 2 inches, the product can fit into any luggage, toolbox or even clothes pocket. It weighs just 5.1 ounces.


Rechargeable tactical flashlights are now the choice of many people as they are more cost effective to use than other types of battery powered flashlights. If you care about durability, functionality and quality, you should opt for any of the product reviewed above. Their quality, durability and performance has been proven at least by evidences of the previous consumers. Besides, they are all made by reliable and popular companies.