Best AA Flashlight Reviews 2016

Best AA Flashlights 2019

Are you looking for the best AA flashlight? Look no further. As implicit from the name, the AA flashlight is a type of portable light powered by AA battery type. There are many different brands and models of AA flashlights today. These products differ not just in their durability but in the intensity and brightness of light they generate, their battery lifetime and other features such as corrosion resistance, waterproof capability and others. Here are out choices for the best AA flashlight.

Revtronic T1A

Revtronic T1A best AA flashlightOne of the selling points of this product is its slim design which makes it suitable for users to carry it along or include it in the luggage while travelling or going out at night. It also comes with carry strap which makes it a perfect flashlight for night inspection. Revtronic T1A is powered with one AA battery of 1.5V capacity. Its LED bulb delivers 105 lumens.  It has strong resistance against bad weather conditions like rain, snow or dew thanks to the rubberized O-ring used in the seals which makes it impossible for water to enter into it. It is created with quality aircraft-grade aluminum casing which has strong resistance against corrosion and rust. Strongly built according to the standards of ANSI/FL1, this product features three selectable modes named low for longer battery runtime, high for intense brightness and strobe.


ThorFire TG06

ThorFire TG06 best AA flashlightThe ThorFire TG06 is powered with one AA battery. However, if you want to obtain more dazzling light brightness, you can power it with 14500 battery (but this type of battery is not included in the package). It operates in three modes: low, mid and high. Low mode saves battery more than the rest. High mode produces brighter light but it exhausts the battery current quickly. Its Cree Xp-G2 R5 LED bulb which has a 20 years lifespan is capable of delivering maximum 254-300 lumens with 14500 battery and 120 lumens with AA battery.  ThorFire TG06 is available is slim design. With a dimension of 93mm x 21 mm, you can easily hold it for a long time in your palm without suffering from hand fatigue. It comes with a clip which can be adjusted in order use the flashlight as a cap light. But in its normal design, it is used to clip the flashlight to a pocket making it more portable.

Streamlight 88033 Protac

Streamlight 88033 best AA flashlightThe Streamlight 88033 Protac is available in a slim design–it is about as big as a marker. It is powered with 2 AA batteries which together have a runtime of about 2 hours when it is in the high mode and 4 hours when it is in strobe mode. The runtime of the battery at the low mode is 36 hours. Though the product is slim, it is capable of delivering 155 lumens with its C4 LED light bulb when it is in its high mode. It delivers 11 lumens when it is in low mode. Its peak beam intensities for the high and low modes are 53,300 and 200 respectively. The flashlight is easy to carry because it does not weigh much (a total weight of 2.4 ounces including the batteries). It comes with other additional features such as anti-roll face cap, nylon holster, removable pocket clip, rubber push-button tactical tail switch and others. It has a durable construction thanks to the anodized aluminum used in creating it. As a side note, this is my daughter’s favorite because if also comes in pink.

Coast HP14

Coast HP14 best AA flashlight The Coast HP14 is another high quality AA led flashlight that you will find on the market. It has a light output of 56 lumens when it is on low mode and 339 lumens when it is on high mode. The beam can go as far as 175 meters when it is in high mode and 36 meters when it is in low mode. The product is powered with 4 AA batteries which are added to the package to make it possible for the buyers to start using the flashlight as soon as they open their package. The casing is impact and water resistant. The flashlight can be placed vertically for vertical lighting thanks to its anti-roll tailcap. It is created with the standards of ANSI/FL1 and covered with a lifetime warranty against material defects and manufacturer’s error.

MagLite Mini AA LED Flashlight

MagLite Mini best AA flashlightThe MagLite Mini AA LED Flashlight is strongly created with enhanced technology for professional and private use. It boosts of outstanding durability thanks to its craftsmanship and quality aluminum used to create its body which makes it impact resistant. Users can choose between 25% power setting to save battery energy and maximum power setting via the multi-mode electronic switch of the product. Just with a simple turn of the head, the beam of light delivered by the product can be changed from spot to flood.

Features to look for in a flashlight

The following are some important features to look for in the best AA flashlights.

Metal body construction: Go for a product that has a metal body construction rather than a product that is created with plastic. Metal body has better impact resistance than plastic one. Flashlights with metal body are also more useful during emergency situations.

Waterproof feature: Sometimes, the situation may warrant to use your flashlight in rain, sleet or snow. If your flashlight is not water resistant, you will not be able to use it in such a situation.

Lightweight: Flashlights are essentially portable and light. Nobody likes to carry weights as flashlights in their pockets. So, if you don’t want to suffer any hand fatigue, you should consider buying a lightweight flashlight.

Bulb type: Nowadays, there is emphasis on energy efficiency; and LED bulbs are known for their high energy efficiency and low heat emission. Incandescent bulbs are gradually being phased out. So, go for a product with LED light source. You should also consider the bulb lifetime as well as its lumens.

Battery lifetime: AA batteries differ in their lifetime which depends to a certain extent on the product and the light mode being used. But as a rule of the thumb, go for a product with batteries that have longer lifespan so that you will not spend too much on replacement batteries.


AA flashlights are multipurpose portable lights. Apart from using them as carry light to dispel the darkness during power outage or emergency situation, they can also be used as a weapon for self-defense and as a tool for breaking a glass window during a fire outbreak or other emergency situation. Use the tips given above to make the right choice purchasing AA flashlight.