Best 18650 Flashlight Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

Many of the best 18650 flashlights have grown in popularity today and have become the choice of many people. As implicit from the name, such flashlights are powered by 18650 lithium batteries which generate power through the interaction of lithium cells. The 18650 batteries are like small coins in shape. The uniqueness of the best 18650 flashlight lies in the intensity of light they are able to generate (lumens). The beam of light emanating from this type of flashlights is stronger than that of the regular flashlights. It can also extend to a long distance erasing the darkness and clearing the way for the user to see. They also have a lengthy runtime.

The best 18650 flashlights are available in many models each having its own unique features. Some products are more reliable than others and come with more features. When it is time for you to buy one, there are several factors to consider. A quality product should be durable. The main factor that determine the durability of the best 18650 flashlight is the quality of material used in the body. Whether it is created with aluminum or a polymer material, a good product should be scratch-resistant, corrosion and rust resistant and water resistant. You should also consider the versatility of the product. Look for one that can be used under various conditions and for various purposes such as patrolling, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, walking and other outdoor purposes. Another important factor to consider is the size which depends on the usage. If you are looking for a flashlight for travelling, for example, then you should go for a pocket size flashlights that will fit into your pocket very well. The duration or strength of the battery is another important feature that you should consider as some batteries have longer duration than others even though they are all lithium ion batteries.

Best 18650 Flashlight Quick Snapshot


Nitecore TM26
4000!!!15.45 oz5.6 in4.7

Fenix TK75
4000!!!20.28 oz7.28 in4.7

12006.2 oz5.2 in4.7

Ecogear FX
12005.0 oz6.2 in4.6

Streamlight 88850
1304.0 oz5.2 in4.7

Nitecore P12
10003.1 oz5.47 in4.5

Based on the factors, here are the best 18650 flashlights that you should choose if you are looking for a quality product.

Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26

Nitecore TM26 best 18650 flashlightBeing powered with 4 18650 batteries, this product offers five modes, each having its unique battery runtime. The turbo mode which consumes the highest amount has a battery runtime of 45 minutes but delivers a whopping 3800 lumens! The high mode delivers 1700 lumens for 2.5 hours of battery runtime while the medium mode delivers 540 lumens for a runtime of 8.25 hours. The low and lowest modes respectively have 95 and 3 lumens for 48 and 1000 hours. The product can also be powered by 8 CR123A with each of the modes having a different runtime as compared to when it is powered by 18650 batteries. The Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26is designed to make use of 1×18650 or 2xCR123 batteries during an emergency. The Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 is available in a pocket size design. It is strongly constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for enhanced durability. It also comes with patented user-friendly interface. Whether it is raining or not, you can still make use of this product thanks to its water resistance ability.

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Fenix TK75

Fenix TK75 best 18650 flashlightThe Fenix TK75 2600 is a blackend colored LED flashlight that boasts 2600 lumens. The flashlight is powered with four 18650 batteries which are capable of generating a beam of light that goes as far as 690 meters. The product features a balanced compact body design with side dual controls which are very easy to use. To accommodate your various needs, the product features 6 output modes which include turbo-2900 lumen with a runtime of 1hr 15min, strobe and SOS, high and medium outputs with runtime of 4hrs and 12hrs and 1200 and 450 lumens respectively. It comes with a waterproof IPX-8 rating. Consumers of this product will enjoy a limited life warranty from Fenix.

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Solaray Pro ZX-2 best 18650 flashlight The SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 is designed to be used for different purposes such as patrolling, camping, fishing, walks and other nighttime outdoor activities. It comes in handy during a power failure and/or a car breakdown. The product offers up to 1200 lumens which is strong enough to brighten up an entire room. It comes with a zoom feature that enables it to provide a clear view of distant objects. The SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 offers 5 modes which can be selected just at the click of the button. The modes are high, medium, low, tactical intruder strobe and SOS emergency signal. Premium SOLARAY 18650 3.7v 3000mAH lithium-ion batteries are used to power the product. It features aerospace grade aluminum body which is water resistant. The premium tail switch and quality lens are created to last for a long time.

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EcoGear FX TK120K

EcoGear FX best 18650 flashlight The EcoGear FX TK120K is a professional grade LED flashlight that features high grade aluminum alloy construction which has a hard anodized finish for enhanced durability. The product has alluring resistance against shocks and impacts. Besides being used to brighten up a dark environment, it is also meant to serve as a weapon of self-defense and for creating escape way during emergency such as window breaking. Thus, it can be used for many purposes such as hunting, camping, patrolling, tactical situations and other outdoor activities thanks to its zoom function. It offers 5 different light modes and impressive light distance of about 985 feet. It comes with a CREE XML high powered LED light bulb which shines brightly and intensely.

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Streamlight 88850 Polytech LED

Streamlight 88850 best 18650 flashlightStrongly crafted and powered with 2 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries that boast of a shelf time of ten years, this product boasts amazing performance when it comes to dispersing darkness. The product is manufactured with a premium grade impact nylon polymer which can withstand almost any harsh outdoor condition and heavy tactical use. The body is sealed tightly making it to be waterproof and thus suitable for use under any weather conditions during camping, hunting, work, emergency situations like car breakdown or power outage, and during any other outdoor activities. The Streamlight 88850 Polytech LED flashlight is a portable handheld flashlight that omits light using an LED bulb. Usage is covered by a limited warranty. It is created with C4 technology which is known for providing more intense light than any other light.

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Nitecore P12

NITECORE P12 best 18650 flashlightFeaturing a premium CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED, the Nitecore P12 delivers enhanced peak beam brightness and intensity of 12,450 candelas that are far greater than those of an ordinary flashlight. It is created with precision digital optics technology as well as crystal coating technology for enhanced reflector performance and impressive durability. The beam can go as far as 232 meters. It is waterproof thanks to its grade aluminum alloy. The body is given an HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish. It features intelligent memory function created to keep the preferred brightness setting in recall. It has an impact resistant ability up to 1.5 meters.

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Any of the products mentioned above is superb and has received impressive reviews from previous consumers. Any of them can easily be the best 18650 flashlight, so, if you choose any of them, you will not go wrong with your choice. They will last longer for you and serve for a number of purposes.