Best 2000 Lumen Flashlight Reviews

In 2000 lumen flashlights the amount of light generated and emitted per second in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform source of candela is 2000. Such amount of light is bright enough to turn the night into noon. Even though products advertised as 2000 lumen flashlights are not the brightest, you can use them under outdoor and indoor environment and for such purposes as night patrol, car repair during a break down at night such as flat tire, lightening up a living space during power outage and others. If you want to purchase a flashlight which produces up to 2000 lumens of light, it is important to go for high rated brand. To save your time and money of surfing the internet in search of top quality 2000 lumen flashlights, we have taken time to research the internet and come out with a list of top rated products. Read on to know more about these products and their features which distinguish them from other.

Top 2000 Lumen Flashlights


Olight SR95
2.7 pounds12.8 in5.0

2 x 18650 or
4 x 3V CR123A
1.2 pounds8.5 in4.5

On The Way® A100
1 x 186505.3 oz5.1 in4.5

1 x 18650 or
3 x AAA
180 g15 cm4.4

Forrader C12

1x186504.2 oz15 cm4.1

1 x 18650 or
3 x AAA
4 oz5.5 in3.9

Olight SR95 High Output 2000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Olight SR95Olight SR95 is an embodiment of all the features for which Olight’s flashlights are known for. It is a battery powered flashlight. It is powered with a lithium ion rechargeable battery of 7800 mAh, 7.4v capacity. It is very easy to charge the battery thanks to the integrated port that it comes with. You can easily tell when the battery is charging and when it is fully charged through the battery charge indicator it comes with. The head and reflector of this flashlight has a hollow out design for maximum dissipation of heat as well as weight distribution. With the design, the flashlight perfectly fits into the hand. You will not feel any discomfort holding the product in your hand. Besides, the weight is distributed and no part has higher weights than the others. It is a very durable product thanks to its metal construction. The body is made from aluminum and as such it can also be used for window breaking during emergence situation. The flashlight is suitable for travels given its dimension of 12.8 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches and weight of 2.7 pounds. It is a suitable option for people in outdoor environment.


Emits very bright light capable of brightening your way at night or in dark environment.

Affordable considering its type and the quality of light it emits.

Available in a compact and lightweight design.

Solid construction meaning that it will last longer for you.

Battery life is quite exception.

Great visual appeal.

Fits perfectly in your hand and one’s luggage.


Kind of heavy at 2.7 pounds.

No negative comments have been made for this product from the time this review was written.

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FENIX TK35 Ultimate Edition 2015 Version

Fenix TK35FENIX TK35 is one of the quality 2000 lumen flashlights in the market today. Besides generating very bright light, it comes with other features that mark it out from other products. It uses Cree XHP 50 LED bulb which has 50000 hours of lifespan. It is a rechargeable flashlight powered with 2 x 18650 rechargeable batteries. But whereby that is not available, you can also power it with 4 x CR123A of 3V capacity. The package of this product comes with 4xCR123A lithium batteries from EdisonBright brand. FENIX TK35 is quite very easy to use. It features a dual tail button switch which makes operation fast and simple. The product gives 75-degree wide beam angle thanks to its Orange-peel reflector. It can be used under different environments such as outdoor searching, hunting, caving, night patrol and other environment where good amount of light is required. In order to ensure that the needs of consumers are met by this flashlight, it features seven modes of operation. They are SOS, strobe, turbo, high, mid, low and eco. You can choose any of the mode that suits your requirements but the battery life depends entirely on the mode you are using. Modes of higher lumens have shorter runtime than modes of lower lumens. You will be able to tell when your battery is running down via the low-voltage warning. The beam of light emitted by this product can go as far as 1050 feet. It can be used under adverse weather condition and in outdoor environment thanks to its water resistance ability.


Good looking external design.

Very low weight of 1.2 pound and thus it can be used by any person.

Bundle comes with batteries.

7 modes giving users more options than most products.

Solid constriction and this shows why it is a highly durable.

Strong built construction.


Easily gets hot when it is used for some time.

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On The Way® A100 Zoomable LED Flashlight

On The WayOn The Way Expedition Handheld flashlight is a 2000 lumen flashlight that is powered with one 18650 battery of 3.7V capacity. The battery takes about 6 hours to charge fully. It comes with battery indicator lights with green, red and green colors respectively standing for battery condition before charge, charging and full charge. The product features CREE XM-L T6 LED high power LED. You will be able to use your flashlight for many years and the LED will still be generating light because it has 100,000 hours of lifespan. It is available in compact and lightweight design. It weighs only 150g or 5.3 ouzes and has a dimension of 130 mm(body), 38 mm(head) and 22 mm (tail). The product has solid construction thanks to the quality aluminum alloy casing that it has. The metal casing offers maximum protection to the important internal parts of the flashlight.  It is also water resistant and skid-proof. This makes it a suitable flashlight for outdoor activities such as climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, night patrol and others. It comes handy during emergence situation thanks to its metal casing which can be used for window breaking. It has 5 modes of operation, namely, SOS, strobe, low, middle and high.


Delivers a very bright light.

Multiple indicator lights to show the charging condition of the battery.

Five modes to accommodate different needs.

Useful during emergence situation thanks to its metal construction.


Weighty which makes it unsuitable for children’s use.

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UltraFire Handheld LED Flashlight

UltraFireUltraFire LED Flashlight is a handheld flashlight that is capable of delivering 2000 lumen. It is created with high quality 6061-T6 aluminum. The flashlight has water resistant ability and it is also skid-proof. Thus, it can be used under adverse weather condition in an outdoor environments. It is meant to be used for different situations such as fishing, hunting, cycling, camping and others. It generates and emits 2000 lumen with high quality 100% brand new Cree XM-L T6 LED bulb. The LED bulb of this product is up to 100,000 hours. The focus torch can be adjusted to enable the user to direct the beam on the targeted object. It comes with a crenellate which makes the product to be a weapon of self-defense during an attack by an intruder. It can also be useful during emergence situation when it can be used as a window breaking tools. It has 5 modes of operation, high, medium, low, strobe and SOS.


Multipurpose flashlight.

Highly durable thanks to the metal construction.

Delivers high quality light.

Can be used for all weather condition.


Though advertised as water resistant, it is not designed to be used under extreme rainy conditions.

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Forrader C12 CREE XM-L2 U3 Super-bright 2000 Lumen LED Flashlight

ForraderForrader C12 is strongly created with T6061 aircraft aluminum alloy casing. The external body is hard-anodized to make it tougher and resistant to scratches and corrosion. It is suitable for outdoor environment. It can also be used indoor in dark areas such as under the staircases or in garage. You can also use it to brighten your room during power outage. The product delivers impressive performance thanks to its efficient 18650 battery which is capable of powering the CREE XM-L2-U3 LED battery it comes with. The battery charging system comes with protective board to prevent the battery from overcharging or discharging after it has been charged fully. It is charged with battery universal charger. It offers 5 modes to accommodate different needs. The modes are strobe, SOS, low, medium and high. The brighter the light is, the more quickly the battery will run down. So, if you want more extended runtime, you should consider using the low mode. The mode also determines the amount of lumen to be generated; but the maximum lumen is 2,000. However, it can be as low as 800 with the low mode. The light beam can reach a distance of up to 1,000 feet high. The switch is located at the tail or button of the flashlight for easy access.


Able to use the flashlight under rain or adverse weather condition.

Designed to take care of different needs.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors and under other numerous conditions.

Can also be utilized for night time activities like night hunting, fishing, cycling and others.v

Highly affordable.

Perfect size that can easily fit into your glove compartment or gear bag.


Package does not include the 18650 battery and so, you need to purchase a battery.

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Veeki® Zoomable Scalable LED 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

VeekiVK-G1-White is a suitable option for people that work at night in outdoor environment or indoor environment or places where there is no light or places that experience power outage. The quantity of light emitted by this product is enough to brighten up the way for you. It is available in a solid construction thanks to the material used in creating it. The product is created with quality aluminum alloy. Owing to its metal construction, it would be a useful tool during an emergence situation such as fire outbreak as you may be able to break a glass window with it. You can also use it as a weapon of defense. The product also has a powerful design with great visual appeal. It has strong resistance against water and thus it can be used under rain or in outdoor environment during adverse weather conditions. The exterior of the product is excellently created. It is scratch resistant, anti-abrasive, hard-anodized finish and shock-proof. It has a wide application in the sense that it can be used for camping, house repair, hiking, fishing, backpacking, auto emergencies, hunting and other purposes. The dimension as well as the weight of VK-G1-White makes it suitable for travel. It weighs only 142g and has a dimension of 13.5×3.4×3.4cm.

VK-G1-White features five modes which include strobe, SOS, low, medium and high. It is a battery powered flashlight. You can use different types of batteries to power it which includes 1×18650, 3 x AAA or 3.6v/3.7v. The battery capacity is 5000mAh and it takes about 5-7hours to be recharged fully.


Available in a lightweight design.

Can be used for multiple purposes.

Solid metal construction and thus it will last longer for the user.

Compact design and thus it can easily fit into a lightweight design.

Zoomable meaning that you will be able to set the beam to suit your requirements.


Easily becomes hot after few minutes of usage.

Need to click the switch on and off in order to go back to the previous mode.

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2000 lumens are not the brightest but they are suitable for normal household usage during emergence situation as well as camping and other outdoor activities. But if you are a watchman or you engage in commercial fishing, you will need a flashlight with a higher lumen capacity. If 2000 lumen flashlight is what you need, we recommend that you choose from any of the products above. They are highly reliable and each has received reasonable number of reviews.